Thursday, May 26, 2016

Harvey Norman Bake to Win a Bosch Oven Competition

I was one of the lucky 8 participants of Harvey Norman Bake to Win a Bosch Oven worth RM 11,988.00 at IPC Shopping Center on 22nd May 2016. The 8 participants were chosen after we submitted a slogan on "Why you love to bake with Bosch oven?" This was the 2nd time I had the privilege to cook with Chef Zam. The first time was at the Philips Ultimate Cook-Off competition 2 years ago where I won 2nd prize, a Philips Digital Air Fryer. That was my first cooking competition. To read more about this, click here at

My daughter and I arrived early to have lunch before the baking competition.

The Bosch oven is special because it can cook 2 different dishes at different temperatures at the same time. It also has the steam function and knows when to stop cooking when the food is ready.

 The cooking competition started at 2:00pm after Chef Zam explained how to bake the chocolate cake. All the ingredients were provided.

All the participants getting ready to start.

A nice photo with Chef Zam.

We put in the sugar and butter into the Philips mixer. Mixed it until fluffy, then add in vanilla essence, eggs and continue beating with mixer for a few minutes. Then add in the cocoa powder mixture and milk. Chef Zam advised not to beat the mixture too long after adding in the cocoa powder mixture so the cake would not be chewy.

This is Catherine Wong, my Facebook friend who was one of the 8 participants. She was with her daughter.

This was how the cake looked like when it was taken out from the Bosch oven.

My daughter decorating the cake.

This is our nicely decorated chocolate cake. Didn't decorate that nicely because we were not really good at decorating cakes but it still looked good.

Together with the CEO of Bosch and Harvey Norman who were also the judges.
Below were the cakes of other contestants.

This was the winning cake. It looked really nice with the words BOSCH and HN.

Cake tasting by the 3 judges.

All the participants were given a goodie bag which has a really good recipe book and 2 glass cups. There was only 1 grand prize of BOSCH oven worth RM 11,988.00. Congratulations to the winning team!

Eventhough we did not win, we had a lot of fun and it was my daughter's first time learning how to bake a cake. Thanks to Harvey Norman and Bosch for letting us participate in this Bake to Win a Bosch Oven Competition.

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